CooperVision Acquisition of Sauflon

Customer Questions & Answers

Why did CooperVision acquire Sauflon?

Incorporating Sauflon’s products, pipeline and people into CooperVision benefits our customers, wearers and employees – offering a daily disposable lens for every eye and every budget. We’re now able to provide a unique multi-tiered approach to help ECPs harness the fast-growing daily disposable segment.

How will customers from both CooperVision and Sauflon be affected?

Incorporating Sauflon’s products, people and pipeline into CooperVision will benefit our customers and wearers by offering a daily disposable lens for every eye and every budget, complementing our already strong daily disposables portfolio for a multi-tiered approach.

What will be different for customers?

Customers will have access to the world’s most comprehensive portfolio of daily disposable lenses – providing an option for every eye and every budget from a single source. In bringing the Sauflon product lines into CooperVision, we also anticipate being able to extend the availability of those lenses to other markets in which they’re not presently available.

Should customers do anything differently at the moment?

Customers should not change how they interact with either organization for the time being, as we work to integrate our operations.

Are all Sauflon products still available to customers? CooperVision products?

We have made no changes to the product availability from either organization.